I’m here!

I came a bit early, but I’m here and rocking and rollin!

It was Friday morning, January 2nd 2015, around 6am when the nurses came to check on mommy (henceforth known as “Ammu”). They asked Ammu if she was having contractions and the answer was “definitely not.” They kept coming back because the machines showed that there were contractions, but Ammu didn’t feel anything. False alarm we all thought.

Around noon, the main doctor came in to the room and announced gleefully “It’s birthday time!.” Ammu and daddy (“Abbu”) were a bit shocked, but excited. They got rushed into the operating room, and then at 1:37pm I popped out, weighing 4 pounds 5 ounces, measuring 17inches. Not bad for a premie!

Immediately after, I was doing well… Crying and breathing like normal, so they wrapped me up tight and handed me to Ammu and Abbu for a few minutes. Here is the first family photo, taken a couple minutes after I was born. And there I am, all snuggled up in Abbu’s arms.


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