Day 5 – Mom goes home!

There was lots of good news today. My bilirubin count went down from 11 to 6 overnight (anything under 10 is normal). They will keep me under the blue lights for another day and then I’m done. Too bad I have to return my sunnies.

Also, everything else is looking good. My head scan came back normal, no infections, and my breathing is fine. The only thing left is for me to eat normally through my mouth. The doctors started giving me a bottle, and its been a bit of a challenge. But I’m getting the hang of it slowby but surely. Hopefully, in a couple days I will be drinking away like it’s no big deal.

Doctors also told mom that I may be able to go home sooner than two weeks. Which is great news because Ammu got to go home today. I have an amazing mommy who recovered from her C-Section super quick! I’m glad Ammu gets to go home and relax, rest and recover for a week before I come home. She has been in the hospital for three weeks, so she deserves it. No big deal for me since I will see Ammu and Abbu twice a day until I come home too. Yay!!

Here is a video of me dancing under the blue lights early this morning:

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