Day 6 – Storytime!

Today was a fun day. Ammu came back to the hospital with Grandpa and read me stories for a couple hours. I sat on her lap and listened intently, wide awake the whole time (apart from a few casual yawns). Ammu read “Madeline”, which has quickly become my favorite (and only known) story. Madeline is the story of a little girl who is the smallest and bravest in her school. Ammu told me this awesome book was given to me Uncle Asif and Aunty Eva!

Later, Abbu came and joined me at the hospital after his work. He held me for the first time since the day I was born! Later, the nurse showed both parents how to put me in various positions for optimal sleeping. The nurse also tried feeding me through a bottle. Yuck. I wanted no part of that. I’m sure they will try again tomorrow.

Here is a picture of me listening to Ammu read:

photo (4)

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