Two weeks and I’m coming home!!

Crazy that more than two weeks have gone by since I was born! It’s been an eventful couple of days.

Two days ago, Aunty Julie came to visit me in the hospital. She drove Ammu to the hospital and then hung out for a couple hours. Here is a photo of us together! Ammu was happy to have company.


Today I got some really great news! It looks like I am going home tomorrow. It is a big day for everyone – Ammu and Abbu are excited (and anxious). But Ammu has been diligently prepping for the big day and is super well prepared, so I am not worried! Ammu has come to visit me every single day, twice a day, so it will be nice to be able to relax at home with her. Before I leave, there are a lot of tests that they are making me do here. They put me on the car seat that I will be going home in for an hour, mainly to measure my oxygen levels and heart rate (all premie babies need to do this).

I will miss the NICU. It has been my home since the day I was born, and the nurses and doctors are absolutely wonderful and the best in the world. Modern science and technology is amazing (second only to the miracle of childbirth!). I’ll also miss all the other little boys and girls that are my neighbors here. Most of them are doing really well, and every day someone goes home. Tomorrow it will be me. YAY! My next blog post will be typed from home 🙂

Here is the final hospital pic of me chilling. I’m starting to look like a full term (and chubby) baby!

photo (6)

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