Home at last!

This was a very eventful week. On Monday, I came home to our beautiful apartment with Ammu. Abbu and Grandma. I was picked up and driven home by Uncle Asif and Aunty Eva.

Here are some pictures of me leaving the NICU for the first time. Doesn’t Ammu look like a supermodel rather than someone who just had a C-section a couple weeks ago?

IMG_1331 IMG_1335 IMG_1332

Once I got home, I was excited to see my lovely crib set up, with balloons that Abbu and Ammu had got for me in the morning. The first day went well – Abbu and Ammu were nervous but excited. I tried to make life easier for them by not fussing or crying much at all. I just slept and woke up to eat every three hours. Just like in the NICU (they train you well).

The last few days were all about me settling into my new home. Spending a lot of time with my parents and Grandma has been fun. Abbu even had to go to London for a day, but Ammu held down the fort like champ. I have good DNA it seems. Finally, yesterday was my three week birthday. My first official birthday celebration will be on February 2nd, the end of my first month. That will also coincide with my original due date, which is a bit nutty if you think about it.

Here are some pics of the first few days at home.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Some of you may know that I came home on Martin Luther King day. It’s a holiday in the US, and MLK is one of my Abbu’s favorites. He told me that he hopes that when I grow up, the world will be a better place for people of all backgrounds. I’ll leave you guys with my favorite MLK quote that Abbu tought me to never forget, especially when the world seems like a tough place: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

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