Second Day – Toughing it out

My second day was okay. I’ve been chilling in the NICU, which will be my home for the next few weeks. I have lots of other premie friends here. The boy next to me weighed only 800 grams when he was born in November. So I am keeping an eye on him to make sure he is okay.

Yesterday I had some trouble breathing, so they put me on oxygen during the day. It was in a small pipe that blew air into my nose. Last night, I was still working hard to get enough oxygen, so they put a tube into my mouth and all the way down my throat, past my trachea. That was about as fun as it sounds right there. They took an X-Ray after to make sure it was in correctly, and while I didn’t like the tube, it made breathing a lot easier. So this is how you guys all do it?!

Here is a picture of Ammu by my incubator, looking on as I sleep. BTW, that’s pretty much all I do. I haven’t yet seen Ammu or Abbu because they keep coming to visit when I am sleeping.

Here is are pictures from earlier today (my 2nd day). The tubes look scary, but I am doing fine so don’t worry. The second picture you can see Ammu through the incubator glass.

IMG_0821 IMG_0822

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