Day 9-11 Lots of great news!

What a whirlwind last three days. For Abbu and myself – so please excuse both of us for the infrequent posts.

So I’m now in an open crib and no longer in an incubator. Thanks to GE for my amazing incubator which I called home for the last 11 days. You guys make great products (this post is not sponsored).

Two days ago, I passed my birth weight for the first time. That was a huge milestone (1970 grams). I learned that all measurements in the NICU are done in the metric system (grams instead of pounds) because it’s more accurate and more granular. How fascinating!

And the biggest piece of good news is that today I drank my entire bottle of 40ml of milk in one sitting! Last few days days have been tough with eating (I wasn’t really interested). But I got super hungry tonight and I knew Ammu would be delighted. She was! And today I weighed in at a massive 2065 grams, which is 4.6 pounds. If I put on weight at this rate, I may to do a juice cleanse.

So all good news in the neighborhood. They even talked about going home – not sure when, but it may be in a few days. Can’t wait to check out the family pad.


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